Solar Energy,

No electricity consumption, No electrical wiring! Today, as a result of continuous research, the high efficiency solar panels in combination with powerful LED modules are giving a really satisfactory level of light.

Full comfort,

Light your outdoor spaces all night long! Making the most out of the available solar energy is cleverly realised by intelligent user interfaces such as 3-step dimmers, timers and PIR-sensors. Resulting in the required balance in between autonomy and the desired light level.

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complete lighting solution:
green & convenient

Solar Energy,
no electricity consumption
Full comfort
Autonomy all night long
No electrical wiring,
no connection to the mains
Clever & multiple
control options
Integrated solar panel
Powerful LED Light
Easy and fast installation
Separate Solar panel

how to choose

solar panel

Compact, no extra wiring
Highter solar energy capacity

orientation of LED light

Diffuse light - Up & down light
Directional spotlight

orientation of solar panel

The luminaire should be placed in the most optimal position: south orientation
The panel can be oriented in the most efficient position: south orientation (tilt angle 35° in summer - 65° in winter)

clever control

PIR motion sensor
Smart use of the available solar energy Always light when somebody is passing
High-Medium-Low switch
Personalized choice to come to ideal combination of light output and autonomy

Solar Energy -> Battery Energy

Battery Energy -> Light Output

Longer light or more powerfull light

High efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline solarpanel

LED module with strong light output: 100 lumen up to 500 lumen

Li-ion rechargeable battery included

Integrated dusk to dawn sensor, automatic switch to light-on during night

Weatherproof materials and finishing