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LUTEC launches the InMotion concept offering a complete range of Security Sensor Lights.

The range is featuring now, besides the powerful flood lights with one or two heads, a number of very elegant designs which make a perfect match with the architecture of your house. The 2 stand-alone PIR sensors with multiple controls make the range complete.

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Comfortable detection area

The detection area is a combination of the reach in distance and angle. An adjustable sensor can be tilted and/or turned and gives you full freedom.

Your personal settings
Time setting
As from the moment the sensor detects a movement the light stay on from 10 seconds upon 8 minutes according your preference.
Twilight setting
The environment brightness can be adjusted according your selection from night (10 lux) to daylight. In this way the light will switch into the “ON” position according the selected outside light level and not during the day.
Distance setting
You can limit the detection distance in accordance with the desired detection area. In this way you can avoid a movement detection outside your private grounds.
For your convenience
Dusk to dawn
Automatic light on switching as soon it’s dark outside.
Ambient light
Light stays on all night long in a gentle ambient light, after movement detection the light switches on a powerful light beam.
Double sensor
Assures you a full detection not only frontal but also underneath the luminaire close to the wall.
Test mode
You can define the perfect detection area during installation in daylight situation

How to choose?

Check in a few steps which InMotion Security Sensor
Light suits the best for your home situation.

Based on sensor detection reach

Based on luminaire characteristics