LUTEC introduces a range of Outdoor luminaires with the integrated LUTEC connect lighting module.

Combining high quality weatherproof aluminium fixtures with endless possibilities to control the powerful LED Light.

Always Connected

Fast and stable Bluetooth connection. Thanks to mesh technology you can enjoy the full scalability towards all your outdoor living spaces, also the ones in a more remote position.

Splendid Light

Enhanced by the LUTEC connect dynamic CCT & RGB colour tuning technology. Great light for the great outdoors. It’s about freedom without compromise. A light for every mood!

Convenient, Comfortable & Personal

Open the LUTEC connect App, take full control and discover the full smart lighting experience. The optional smart remote control offers the full functionality without internet access in the most convenient and simple way. You can create and program the perfect outdoor atmosphere for every occasion.


Light according to LUTEC

It is not only to turn o or turn on one or more lamps, but to be able for each to adapt the intensity, the temperature of white or bring out the color, thus the light eect that suits the moment, the room or according to the activity.

why Bluetooth Mesh ?

Full scalability towards all your indoor and outdoor living spaces

Bluetooth technology, the global standard for wireless connectivity, now supports mesh networking

Easy & stable connection
Long range indoor & outdoor
Connect up to 100 devices

Voice control

For those who want to control the light with a voice device such as Google home or Alexa, this is possible thanks to a “LUTEC access box” bridge not supplied. This accessory allows them to be connected to LUTEC connect lamps via the wi network.

The no worries technology

At LUTEC we want our smart lighting range to be above all lamps that provide a quality of light that everyone can enjoy on a daily basis without necessarily using an app. Reliability, ease and accessibility to the whole family is our priority.

Connected or not connected: Not interested in the control in "connected" mode, no problem you can control the light via your switch or via a remote control to access the main lighting eects.