Company History

LUTEC connected by lighting Discover who we are, from when we were born and how we are today: feel our growth and exploring our history.

The beginnings of a lighting company.

Originally as a national aluminium die-cast factory, we acquired our first experience in out door lighting by producing bulkhead lights & classical garden lanterns.
Our quality standards met international standards and the first export shipment was made in 1996.
The new factory in the Far-East industry park in Yuyao was operational in 2001, concentrating on modern garden & professional lighting resulting from a booming international DIY & ODM demand.
From 2009 a close collaboration with the Design(Pool) had two objectives. To create a strongger offer for the ODM market and to launch a base for our future brand LUTEC.
LUTEC was launched in 2010, focusing on architetural LED light & introducing Solar Energy studies.
This has resulted in the opening of a second producting factory in 2012, fully devoted to future developments.

Welcome to the LUTEC center

Connected by lighting

The LUTEC center is in our HQ in Yuyao. Located on the production site, it is an International meeting place where new concepts are elaborated, innovation & strategies are shared, discussed and studied.

We provide an expert platform in design, sales and services.
We have the will to show and experiment different approaches creating choices for the short or medium terms. Staying close to our customers, which by extension also means the final consumers, allows the right design solutions to be found.
Our team is trained for being reactive. The key to realize a win-win product is to always explore the possibilities, select and adapt, finding the adapted position.

In our view innovation is always closely linked to a right level of realization.